Rilassati con Angela

Angela Lansbury

Zsa Zsa Gabor non è stata l’unica a farsi prendere dalla smania di rivelare i suoi segreti di bellezza per la terza età.

Anche la mia adorata Angela Lansbury negli anni ’90 ha aperto le porte di casa sua e tra massaggi e racconti ha rivelato il segreto della sua forma smagliante!

Ad essere sinceri si viveva benissimo anche senza saperlo, e quando comincia a parlare della sessualità nella vecchiaia corre un brivido lungo la schiena ma almeno lei non rinuncia mai alla sua compostezza e al suo candore.

Mi verrebbe da dire che il modo migliore per arrivare con agilità ad una veneranda età è non farsi assassinare prima… ma in fondo trattandosi di Angela questa tecnica è sottintesa!

Godetevi questa chicca!

Update – 05 May 2016

Dopo 8 anni mi sono ricordato dei fantastici commenti lasciati su YouTube da molti ignari utenti. Ecco una carrellata dei miei preferiti!!!

  • Alex McLean
    I have a potted plant like that in my house
  • Charles Higgens
    that was the most awkward 3 minutes of my life
  • dominoxicarus
    whatever, I still fapped to this.
  • Patrick Gregory
    What has been seen, cannot be unseen
  • MrBebopChamploo
    I find this easy to masturbate to.
  • Jimmy Rustler
    I have to go ask my mom if I’m allowed to have this boner
  • Hugo G
    naked she wrote
  • enjoythismothafawka
    Dam that’s a real women talking.
  • VonMeeganshmoot
    I feel violated
  • Derf Cherkelson
    The way she says massage kills me
  • Mojoman606
    Stumbleupon said this would be the most awkward three minutes ever… And it was. Oh god why
  • BroseConseco
    i have the weirdest boner right now
  • John Swinehart
    it wasnt easy but i managed to masturbate to this
  • ohemmi
    um..tale as old as time…
  • redrum
    anybody else notice that meaty camel toe 8seconds in??
  • guitamannik
    mass-awge hahahaah
  • Adrian V
    surprisingly easy to masturbate to
  • punkojosh
    I came.
  • HomunculusProject
    Indeed, the most awkward 3minutes of my life…
  • Michael Harrell
    I found this difficult AND impossible to masturbate to
  • Veganluke
    This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines. TOO HOT TOO HANDLE.
  • Akumacornflakes
    I actually bought this tape at a library sale recently because it was only a dollar and I couldn’t fathom the idea of an Angela Lansbury exercise video. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from nearly falling asleep to sprinting to turn off the VCR.
  • phuturephunk
    Oh god, what is this. Why is Angela Lansbury tensing suggestively on my computer screen.
  • pandora
    This is nuts.. I can’t process what I just saw…
  • Braden M
    I have never wanted to bang an old lady as much as I do right now. Damn girl.
  • Darren Devereaux
    @2:14 – fucking hilarious! Look at her face! She having an orgasm! :O
  • GeoVII
    I have just seen Angela Landsbury naked in a tub. I can now die happy. Mostly because death will end the pain.
  • ElectricFizzPop
    I wanna have sex with her now and I am a girl.
  • UdoShan
    You know, I was just gonna pass this off as a humorous misrepresentation, but I think she really IS masturbating in the tub! Oh boy…
  • Camlawn Man
    i was hoping betty white would join in lol
  • ahirsch3
    I didn’t know Paul McCartney had such sexy legs
  • charnego Herman
    I wanted Ringo, George and John to do a tutorial for stretching exercises too.
  • Jim
    wow biggest boner kill in history
  • emza395
    omg! STOP
  • markcafone
    This is a gilf for sure
  • James Vanzo
    be my guest, be my guest, put my service to the test
  • Purp4Mod09
    its called a GILF retard
  • JohnnyBlowstar
    People the age of my granny shouldn’t be having a hot bath with the windows open, she’ll catch her death …
  • Nononono Nonononono
    Somewhere, someone is getting off to this. I say “Good for you.”
  • razzie33
    Hey she must be doing something right – she is over 80 years old and still doing a Broadway show!
  • Bob Bob
    I couldn’t make it even halfway through the self-massage.
  • CalBro
    Hands up who watched this in High Def.
  • cbiswhite
    The camel toe from 0:10-0:12 is delicious.
  • ALAN
    well……..there goes my hard on.
  • dudeman332
    I just threw up in my mouth
  • Jason Jones
    I feel sorry for the camera man
  • hobowithashotgun
    id rather gouge my eyes with a spoon and eat them.
  • Syntox
    You’d do her and you KNOWS it.
  • hobowithashotgun
    my god my eyes are burning.
  • Rockadoodle711
    Is it bad that I’m extremely aroused? I’d dust that (explicit) off!
  • Hylas19
    “These are probably the worst pies in London…” (But I love her)


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